As you are building your network marketing business, it is easy to verbally throw up on people with all of the information you want to share with them. In this article, I am going to talk to you about being the messenger and not the message in your network marketing business.

Get Company/Upline Tools

Your company or upline is going to have a video or multiple videos you are able to share with people to show them the business. It is easy to get excited about what you are doing and start talking to people all about it. It is something like verbally throwing up on them though because it is less than structured and all over the place.

The video tools that are in place through your company or upline have been formatted in a way that it is going to tell the story of the company and products to your prospects so they will be able to understand what is happening and how you can move forward with things.

Use the 3way Calls

Once you have someone that is interested in your product or service, you should use 3way calls. This is basically introducing people to your upline in order to get their questions answered or to hear your upline’s stories. 3way calls are simple and can help you close business without having to do much yourself.